Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Working With the Guys and Dolls of Montgomery Theater, Too

by Nora Algeo

When one thinks of gambles, sinners, and hotbox dancers it’s doubtful that the image of a 12 year-old comes to mind. However, with sincerity, determination, and a light-hearted spin the cast of Guys and Dolls Jr. has proven to me that young actors could actually run New York City! When Tom Quinn offered me the role of General Cartwright I was so excited to get back to work at Montgomery Theater. Little did I know that at my ripe old age of 22 I would become over-powered by a slew of extremely talented youngsters. These kids can do it all, and then some! The most rewarding part of this experience was watching the kids grow and evolve as they developed their own individual characters. We all learned so much throughout the rehearsal process and in the end we truly came together as an ensemble. Aside from the back-stage shenanigans (we are kids after all), what you see on stage is wonderful and unique product that is never to be seen again. There’s an old saying in theater that one never wants to work with kids and animals. Yet, I couldn’t image better working conditions.

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